Don't Need To Shave To Be Beautiful.

I'm Brittany.
I don't conform to stereotypes or go by any specific labels.
I'm simply a young woman who wants the world to see beauty as she does.

"There is natural beauty and raw sexuality in letting your body grow its hair as is biologically meant to happen."


haven’t shaved since sixteen 💥

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Hi there! A little while back you mentioned something interesting and different than most women's thinking -- that you actually were looking/hoping to become more hairy, by doing things to encourage/stimulate hair growth. Are you still trying to do this and have you had any results? Thanks.
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

I’m still trying to accomplish this, however, I have had some decent results with shaving and allowing the hair to come back in (I don’t care who says that shaving doesn’t make the hair come back in darker and thicker…they should say that to my body hair…) and putting a type of Rogaine for Women on certain parts of my body.  I still have yet to experiment with different types of shampoos and conditioners, although I must say the few times that I have used conditioner on my leg hair/arm pit hair IT FELT GLORIOUS afterwards.  I’m contemplating taking Biotin supplements once again, as I definitely noticed a difference using those as well.

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This isn't meant to be a challenge at all...I was wondering given you how you feel about keeping body hair, if you had facial hair, would you keep it also?
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

Oh facial hair, a woman’s natural enemy it seems.  

HOWEVER, (and this has been my hardest struggle thus far) I have accepted it and grown to be rather fond of it.  I have soft hair that grows on the side of my face, “peach fuzz” if you will— and a little bit longer hairs that grow back towards my ears/hair line.  I also have slightly soft, and a bit darker hairs over my upper lip, that you can only see if you’re up close and personal, and there are darker, soft hairs under my chin, which I used to try to shave and pluck and blame on medical conditions such as PCOS.  But, after treating PCOS, the hair is still basically there so I guess it’s supposed to stick around.  I know many woman are not comfortable with facial hair because it’s not considered “normal.” 

Me personally? I find it soft and sensual.  Maybe I’ll post pictures at a later time.  

How'd it go at your scans? My partner is totally unshaved above the knee, and her pubes are pretty wild, so they stick out from her undies from the sides, and sometimes the top (depending on the panties). She goes for acupuncture treatments and lies on her back in her underwear for an hour while her (lady) doctor puts needles in her. I know docs are always supposed to be professional (and she always is), but I always wonder if she's really thinking other thoughts when seeing her...
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

I actually had to post pone the scans for sometime in the next month or so when I reschedule.  I’ve often wondered what doctors or other professionals thought whenever they see a woman like myself naked.  However, when I was at the OBGYN, she commented on it (you can see my post about that) but it was still very professional and she made it comfortable.  I think her most interesting question for me was how my husband felt about my hair.  

I’m trying to think of other times that I was out in public and wondered what others were thinking…hmmm. I suppose whenever I got my foot tattoo and had to roll my jeans up, showing my furry ankles. Or any time that I go out in a skirt, which  I plan on doing more this spring/summer.  The girls that I work with are very “girly” girls and will probably freak out when they see my legs, hahaha.  

Sorry for not posting much lately, all.  I truly haven’t really had anything exciting to say or show!  The weather is still cold, so I haven’t been wearing anything to show off my fuzzy parts.  If you guys have any topics of conversation you’d like to me to discuss or give my opinion on, or even just to answer any questions—-toss a message my way!

I'll have a drawing for you real soon - I didn't forget, just busy etc. I sent the one you posted, thx.
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

Sounds great, thanks! :) I can’t wait to see.

So I have some scans to get done tomorrow and my furry everythings will be sticking out again.  Should be interesting. Will keep you all updated on any questions, responses, or just generalized info on the reaction that I get, if any. 

I truly can not wait until my upcoming vacation in May.  My love and I are traveling along the East coast and making a stop in FL where I’ll be able to show off my furries in a bathing suit.  Nothing too extreme, but I’m sure I’ll get some interesting looks, haha :)  

Go away cold weather!  I want it to be time for dresses and skirts and shorts!

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tell us how to show off our arm kittens without deodarant clumps
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

A couple things-  I’ve found that having hair under my arms has actually stopped me from sweating there so much and it has also prevented me from having smelly sweat, too!  So with that being said, I’ve been putting on deodorant sparingly.  I still use the white stick deodorant most days, but that’s because it’s cold out and no one gets to see my furries! 

HOWEVER.  Once it’s warmer, I have deodorant that’s more of a clear, roll on deodorant that isn’t visible and that’s what I’d recommend.

I’ve also read about using homemade deodorant (coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils) but have yet to give that a try.  


I’d read your blog previously, well I certainly agree with everything you have said - it is reassuring somehow. Not really our business (as young-men), but is good & fair. Anyway, thought you might find this amusing. I could make you something tasteful (legs, dress, armpit ) if you wish - as this photo isn’t that great I highly doubt you’d post it, but that’d be the sign.

I don’t think a high self-esteem causes you to stop shaving, I think it’s the opposite: not shaving can make your self-esteem higher. I don’t feel like I have to “make myself” beautiful anymore, to alter myself to be attractive. I feel attractive naturally, the way I am. I still take care of my body, but I don’t change, hide it anymore. I feel accepted the way I am, rather than being accepted in an altered, shaved form that I can’t take credit for because it’s not actually me.

I love this article! A must read!

So, it’s a special day.  222 followers and going strong!  

What would you, my followers, like to read, see, or discuss?

I’d value any input; feel free to leave me a message with your thoughts or leave a note on this post.  

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👌🙌 blog:) 👍👏
dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful dontneedtoshavetobebeautiful Said:

Thanks :)

So I was curious.

For me, there are a few people (increasing as time goes on) that know that I do not shave.  People like those that I work with, close family, and of course my husband.  Also, the random people that I come across if I’m showing my hair out in public.  However, I was curious how some of you told your friends, or rather showed them— if this was something that you’ve kept to yourself.  I was considering posting a photo on Facebook which subliminally would show my extra hair, but wasn’t quite sure of the reaction I’d get.  It’s something that I truly shouldn’t care what others think and I really don’t care that much since it’s something that makes me happy, I think I’m just worried of negative reactions from people that I thought were accepting no matter what.  

Maybe I’m overreacting.

If people are negative, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life, right?  The only people that truly matter are myself and my husband because he’s the lucky duck that gets to see me every day, haha :)