Don't Need To Shave To Be Beautiful.

I'm Brittany.
I don't conform to stereotypes
or go by any specific labels.
I'm simply a young woman who wants the world to see beauty as she does.

"There is natural beauty and raw sexuality in letting your body grow its hair as is biologically meant to happen."
  • 3 year Old (Sasha): You have hair under your arms!
  • Me: Yes, I do.
  • Sasha: My DADDY has hair under his arms too! But he doesn't wear make-up.
  • Me: Would it be okay if he did?
  • Sasha: Yeah... It would be pretty. You wear make-up, and dresses.
  • Me: I love make-up and dresses! And boots, and tattoos, and piercings!
  • Sasha: Those things make you pretty! And cool, like my Daddy! He wears boots and earrings in his face, and tattoos! Can I touch your underarm hair?
  • Me: Sure.
  • Sasha: It's SO SOFT! I want to have hair under my arms too! And wear make-up on my eyes, and have earrings in my face, and wear pretty dresses too when I grow up!
  • Me: RAD! I think you'll look super cool! Can we have glitter too?
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