Don't Need To Shave To Be Beautiful.

I'm Brittany.
I don't conform to stereotypes
or go by any specific labels.
I'm simply a young woman who wants the world to see beauty as she does.

"There is natural beauty and raw sexuality in letting your body grow its hair as is biologically meant to happen."

So I went to the shore for my birthday for two nights.  The hotel that we stayed in has a pool which we went to.  I proudly put on my bathing suit which was a skirt-like bottom and a tankini top, which displays my armpits and legs.  My fiancee and myself sat in the hot tub for a while.  We saw a few guys and one girl that were looking for an open hot tub but there weren’t any at the time.  We got out, as we were starting to get really hot, and headed over to the lounge chairs that are positioned around the spa area.  I saw one of the guys kind of give my legs a glance with wide eyes.  It was amusing though, because he was quite hairy himself. 

Why is okay for guys to be naturally hairy, but not females?